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20 weeks

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This post has nothing to do with pregnancy, in case that thought crossed your mind. And thank goodness for that. Instead I’m celebrating a milestone of a different kind – 20 weeks in my now-not-so-new job.

Since October I’ve been juggling single motherhood with a job in the south whilst living in the north and commuting between the two.

It’s been a steep learning curve. Not the job so much. That’s been beyond awesome. The learning curve has been the art of getting organized, packing a suitcase and negotiating the London Underground in the rush hour, often with said suitcase.

I’ve learnt that apologising when you’ve run over someone’s feet with the wheel of your suitcase is a good thing. However, standing back and politely letting people get on to the carriage before you, is not. You’ll be left standing on the platform forever.

There are times when it really is every man (or woman) for himself (or herself). Travelling on the London Underground in the rush hour is, without doubt, one of those times.

I’m also starting to remember the difference between my Oyster card and my credit card. One lets you on to the Underground. Attempting to get through the gates with the other will result in much tutting and sighing on the part of your fellow passengers who find their journey coming to an unexpected halt.

Other things I’ve learnt:

  • Travelling one mile in a taxi to avoid the tube will set you back an extortionate £10.
  • If you forget to put the batteries in your alarm clock it will prove useless.
  • If you ensure the batteries are fitted securely into your alarm clock, the alarm will go off at 7 o’clock in the evening while sitting in the quiet coach of a train.
  • If you place the offending alarm clock in the very bottom of your locked suitcase, it will take a very long five minutes to retrieve and switch the alarm off.
  • Under the above circumstances, follow passengers will behave in a slightly crazed manner.
  • Never let your child listen to music on your iphone because when you arrive at work and accidentally knock your phone, the entire office will be subjected to Gangnam Style and eyebrows will be raised.

So it’s been an incredible 20 weeks complete with a number of carry-on comedy sketch moments and a lot of hard work. I’ve loved every minute of it*.

Roll on the next 20 weeks. Also, special thanks to my parents for their babysitting skills, without whom I’d be stuck, and also broke. And thanks for the regular taxi service Dad.

*Apart from the time in January when I tried to board a train with a ticket dated for February. That was, quite frankly, embarrassing.

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  • Well done for surviving in London. i don’t think I could do it

    • RosieS

      Thanks Wendy. The change in the pace of life down there took some getting used to!

  • Oh so that alarm clock was you was it!

    • RosieS

      I thought I heard you tutting Pippa!

  • Goodness, it seems like yesterday when you started the job!! Glad you are enjoying it and that you are getting to grips with using an alarm clock- a skill I have yet to master! x

    • RosieS

      I know! Doesn’t seem that long ago at all. I’m working on my alarm clock skills. I’m yet to progress to any level of competency. x

  • Congratulations on your first 20 weeks. It’s almost half a year – can you believe it? Hears to the next successful 20 weeks! xxxx

    • RosieS

      Many thanks Rachel. No I can’t believe it at all. Time has flown by! xxx

  • Yay! You made it to 20 weeks and still in one piece. Would have paid to have seen your face on the train with the alarm clock going off 😀

    • RosieS

      Yes, I think if someone had been videoing me at that point it might have gone viral and I could have been an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons! 🙂

  • Jen

    Happy 20 week anniversary Rosie! Glad it’s all going well, apart from Underground mishaps 😉

  • I am SO proud of you I could actually burst.

  • You’re doing incredibly fabulously – I hope you’re loving every minute of it. Apart from the alarm clock things.

  • Jealous and proud of you in equal measures. Keep going, Rosie x

  • Brave you! I did the underground in rush hour with the sall child a few weeks ago. Terrified was not the word! It was like a white knuckle ride that you really, really don’t like. She’s not so small and 12 now but I felt like I needed baby regins on her! So scary!

    But well done on making it this far!

  • I’m joining the proud brigade!

  • Congrats on the 1st 20 weeks. Another 20 weeks and you are going to pop, haha. Sorry 🙂

  • So glad it is going well for you, you are a braver lady than I. Never again commuting into London for me!

    Mich x

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