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Blue sky

Many years ago when I used to blog every day and spend the majority of my time on Twitter, I’d grow twitchy if I missed a day’s blogging or if I found I had nothing to blog about.

The solution would have been to go out and do something worth blogging about. Instead I stayed indoors staring at my computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike.

Then I would click around the internet and comment on a few blogs before tweeting some more.

I’m not sure Instagram existed in those days, and there were certainly no Pinterest. If they had been around no doubt I’d have spent my time on there too.

In many ways those were happy, special times. Unique times in the evolution of the blogosphere.

I look back with fondness even if far too much of my life back then was spent online. It gave me the confidence, eventually, to seek a life offline and I’ve ended up with the slightly more balanced life I have today.

The purpose of writing all this is because today I’ve had the same twitchiness. The same urge to write a blog post. The same feeling of unsettledness struck when I realised it was nine o’clock and I hadn’t posted anything new on here.

So I’ve logged back on after logging off to write a quick post.

There’s not a lot to say except returning to the daily routine after my Greece trip has been far easier than expected. There’s reassurance in the nine to five, of regular bedtimes and early morning school runs.

The main highlight, all of that aside, was looking up from my mobile phone and noticing the virtually cloudless blue sky. Not in Greece, but here in the UK.

Plus this eagerness to blog, to put something down on screen, even if it is mindless waffle, it’s a blog post, it’s blogging. During my trip to Greece, surrounded by 40 other bloggers, I realised I’d missed it.

So here’s to blogging, routines and mindless waffle. Without them, life wouldn’t be quite the same.

My fingers have now stopped twitching.

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  • Julia Skinner

    I feel like that BUT need a regular routine to get all this stuff in my head onto the screen. I’m getting better at loading pics as I go so have draft posts but many don’t see the light of the screen 🙁

  • Welcome home – in more ways than one! x

  • So with you on this and I too feel the same about the good old days – no sense of regret for all the commitment and “time wasting” because it has structured my current life, which I too think is more balanced now. I miss it if I don’t do it – thinking of taking my laptop on holiday so that I can continue to write – although maybe I should just take the notebook and enjoy the offline free time. Hmmm. 40 bloggers!!! OMG – that’s huge then.

  • Great to ave you posting Rose, you have alwasy been a big part of my blogsphere. Mich x

  • Ha! I know exactly what you mean. I have been taking a break from writing on the blog while I await my new website and at first it was liberating but now…I’m getting itchy fingers.
    40 bloggers on that trip? How come I missed that??? 🙂 xx

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