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Couch to 5K

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Running kit

If there was the opportunity tomorrow to meet with all the old school bloggers I used to tweet with every day, I wouldn’t go.

Not because it wouldn’t be great to connect outside the walls of Facebook but because I feel older, more unfit, less comfortable with impact of the passing of the years.

We’re all younger today than we will be tomorrow. I’ll no doubt look back in years to come and wish I looked as old and tired as I do now.

So aware of my need to be a little bit fitter, a little bit healthier and a little less keen to put my feet up each evening even after a long day of commuting, I’ve taken up running.

Technically it’s less of a run and more of a light jog but running sounds better. Let’s skip over the times when it actually becomes a walk.

Running doesn’t suit me. My legs ache more than they should and my knees haven’t quite decided if they are going to allow me to continue much longer.

But I’m persevering. Thanks to the NHS’ couch to 5K app I completed my first ever 5K despite not being able to run the week before because my left knee swelled up. Six weeks before that I’d never run at all. 

Couch to 5K

It took a week to recover from the 5K and I’m only just getting out there again. My calves ached from the hills. I could only hobble down flights of stairs and wearing heels was impossible. Anyone would think I’d run a double marathon, not a little over 3 miles.

The next goal is to complete another one in a quicker time. I’m totally ruling out a 10K. I’ll leave that to the youngsters.

Now I’ve put it out there on the Inter-web that I’ve taken up running it’ll act as a motivator to keep going. And in the absence of anything else – because near 13 years olds don’t like to be written about online – it gives me some much needed blog content.

Without that there’d be months of silence. Oh hang on …

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