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Rosie Scribble

Dear Rosie Scribble

in Blogging


It’s been a while.

Was it something I said?

You haven’t called; you haven’t texted. There’s no sign of a postcard. Nothing.

And I’ve been waiting.  For something – anything – but alas, I’ve been left disappointed. Abandoned. Forgotten.

It’s lonely and empty and lacking in new content around these parts.

So what gives, Scribs?

I’ve tried to be patient and remain positive instead of questioning your sudden departure.

Perhaps we just needed some time apart. Perhaps you felt a break would do us good. But is been five long days now and I’m a little bit sad, Scribble.

I’ve consulted with others. And they all agree: you’ve been neglecting me.

My friends have all been updated recently don’t you know. Several times in fact. There have been posts about Halloween, blogging, babies and soft toy monkeys to name a few.

These are blog posts. Remember them?

And what do people find when they arrive here? Zilch.

They sigh and click away and wonder what happened to Rosie Scribble.

Of course if I discover you’ve been two-timing me and blogging elsewhere, then it’s over.

So consider this a friendly warning.

Think about your stats, your page rank and your neglected twitter followers.

This is all for your own good. You’ll thank me later.

So sort it, Scribble.

Yours, with a deep sigh and sense of slight deflation,

Your Blog.

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