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Cousins growing up and an Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter egg decoration

If you have a computer-mad child like me you’ll know that getting them outside into the fresh air can be a challenge. As well as being separated from her latest computer game (or YouTube video of that exact same computer game) there’s the added trauma of being expected to walk anywhere.

The solution? Chocolate, as it turned out. An Easter egg hunt to be precise thanks to Waitrose who provided us with clues and a selection of chocolate eggs and sweets.

I added a number of my own clues to make it harder for a ten year old and created a route around the town. Then I recruited her six-year-old cousin to help.

Looking at clues

Suddenly my fresh-air-phobic child was enjoying the great outdoors. Surprising the energising effect of chocolate.

Girls running

She was even caught running to get to the next clue, which apparently ten year olds just aren’t capable of doing.

Running in the park

At one point both girls even stopped to admire flowers in an allotment. Another first.


They both had a fabulous time. And all of this without a computer in sight.


But for me, better than anything else, was the chance to see how these two girls, lifelong friends, went from this:


To this:


Thankfully there were joint winners when they got to the end, because even favourite cousins fall out sometimes.

Finding chocolate

Thanks again to Waitrose for a gorgeous afternoon. You can download their trail for yourself by the Easter for Children Hub on the Waitrose website.

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  • A friend of mine said – If you tell a child that someone is their cousin, they will love them forever. I think this is so true. My DD loves her cousins to bits. Especially important to have cousins when you’re an only child.

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