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Epic fail

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Cardboard box

This post should have been published last week. Except it wasn’t. Instead, nothing was posted on this blog. Ziltch. Not even a Silent Sunday post.

No one knew if, half way between our old home in the Midlands and our new home in Surrey, we’d changed our minds, or lost our minds.

Or if the entire contents of our home had been taken away in a removals van never to be seen again.

Or if we had in fact left the country.

Actually, we had left the country thanks to a last minute blogging trip to the Costa Brava*. More about that later. But the main reason for the lack of blog post wasn’t because I was swamped under a sea of cardboard boxes as I attempted the unpacking.

It wasn’t because I had to take a commuter train at a ridiculously early hour and then needed a day to recover.

It wasn’t because IJ dropped my iphone, completely smashing the glass at the front and I needed a week to recover.

It was, in actual fact, because I couldn’t find the lead that connects my camera to my computer and allows me to upload photos.

And then there is the small matter of the fact that I contacted my Internet Service Provider a little too late to get it installed in our new home on time and am relying on not-so-reliable mobile wifi.

For a blogger I call that an epic fail.

What I would have been posting about is the fact that the last week’s been a bit hectic, more than a little busy and certainly one to remember. There have been new schools, new friends, new daily routine, new home, new town and it’s all gone incredibly well. IJ is really excited to be here. I’m relieved more than anything else that she’s happy and settled already and that moving was 100% the right thing to do.

Now I’ve found my camera lead (in the bottom of a box of toys of course), I should really share a few images.

Next week I’ll be telling you about our Costa Brava trip. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Dali lips

Steps on a Catamaran

I Cook It website

Rainbow on Costa Brava

That said, if there’s no post for a while it will be because I’ve lost my camera or failed to remember the day the man from the Internet** is coming to install my broadband. Watch this space.

*Special thanks to the Costa Brava and Catalunya Tourist Boards.

**This possibly isn’t his job title.

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