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Rosie Scribble

Not there but not quite here

in Days out, Outdoors, Surrey

Trees in Alice Holt

There’s something slightly unsettling about the day after returning home from a trip, as if you’re not quite in one place, but not quite in the other either.

You’re no longer in holiday mode but not quite ready to return to reality and all the preparation, organisation and routine that brings.

You’re left somewhere in between, which means it hasn’t been an ordinary Sunday.

School uniform hasn’t been washed; there’s been no supermarket shop and the majority of unpacking hasn’t been done.

I’m living out of my suitcase, not quite ready to return everything to its rightful place.

Part of me is geared up for the next country, the next adventure, not quite ready to settle at home.

The solution turned out to be forgetting it all and heading out into the forest. Alice Holt near Farnham to be precise.


It felt good to be out exploring somewhere new again, camera in hand.

The calming effect of nature.


Just enough to make the mind wander a little.

Just enough to make you think you’re somewhere else.

Giant wooden owl sculpture

Just enough to help you cope with the fact that you’re not, and tomorrow it’s back to reality.

Just enough to leave you knowing there will be more travelling, more experiences.

And all is well.

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  • Gorgeous post and wise advice. And I love that owl….(at least I think it’s an owl?)

  • Julia Skinner

    I’m a terror for anti-climaxes so always have to have something planned after the event. When I was little my parents would tell me we were going to Timbuktu when we were going home because I hate a lovely time to finish!

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