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Rosie Scribble

Good Heavens!

in Christmas, Humour

This week we all went to Church as a family to remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas (as Sally mentions in her recent post HERE).

The Church was packed and I have to admit I found it an uplifting occasion. There was an impressive nativity scene near the altar which 18-month old Cousin E found fascinating. (I don’t know who the man fleeing the scene in the dark suit is by the way although it looks suspiciously like my Dad.)


IJ, aged 6, showed a lot less interest in any of the proceedings and was, in fact, only interested in her toys. I had allowed her to bring just two along with her.

Rather regretfully she chose a Barbie horse and her new Sharpay doll from blogger friend and at times bad influence Jo Beaufoix.

Half way through the service I could hear sniggering from behind our pew. I was deep in prayer and reflection, of course (!) but the sniggering grew louder as an increasing number of deeply religious church-goers seemed to be finding something highly amusing.

I turned round to discover that Sharpay had been undressed and was greeted with a scene not dissimilar to this:


Apologies. There are not normally bare boobs in my blog posts. This is a rare exception!

We have not been banned from the Church but we may have to hold our head in shame next time go, and perhaps stick with Peppa Pig toys from now on.

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  • Aly


  • That’s so funny. Sharpay was apparently doing a Lady Godiva.

  • Rosie, this is karma for you teaching a 6 year old Miss E and a nearly 2 year old Miss M “Whoops I Did It Again” by the lovely Britney Spears. As far as I’m concerned it’s not over yet. Bare boobs in mass is nothing compared to choruses of “Oh baby baby” following you around for a good 3 years.

  • They say sex sells. Let us know if your stats went up dramatically after this post 😉

  • pmsl – although most of my dolls were always sans clothes

  • I don’t know, I’ve heard a thing or two about that Peppa Pig …..oink, that’s all I’m saying

  • Ooh, Peppa Pig turned on our Christmas lights. Fully dressed…
    Happily (or sadly),I have no girls and have no idea who Sharpay is, but her boobs look quite perky.
    God, what am I saying….

  • Must admit, I think we’re really lucky – our vicar has kids and does a great crib service for the families.
    All the children brings bells and stars to shake at appointed moments, he does jokes and gets parents up to humiliate themselves in front of the congregation, the kids get to take turns taking up various characters for the nativity in between the carols, and the highlight is the real live donkey who comes in to the church and stands next to the vicar during “Little Donkey”.
    There’s also a really sweet moment where all the kids in the congregation go up to the front of the church and sing Away in a Manger to the adults then the adults sing back Silent Night to the kids.
    And at the end the vicar always pretends to take a call from Santa saying he’s on his way and we finish up with We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Then – Flea’s favourite bit – the vicar’s wife stands with a HUGE tub of sweets by the door, as we all head outside.
    I think we are really lucky to have a church that makes a real effort to make the REAL meaning of Christmas just as exciting as the Santa stuff – so Flea doesn’t see church as the boring thing she has to do, it’s just part and parcel of the fun.
    Even so she was of course the one who shouted at HE’S NOT REALLY! when the vic was pretending to be on the phone to Santa. Sigh..

  • Chic Mama

    I’ll try again….
    Oh dear, very funny. I think you’ll definitely have to vet the toys next year and try and work out all scenarios that could possibly happen.
    At least you got to church….I managed to get the time wrong and we arrived just as the service was ending. The children were saying quick lets get into the car before anyone sees us after they spotted several friend’s parents cars. Ooops.

  • Oh my, wish I was there. We went to a wonderful Christingle service in the village. It was magical when the lights when out and the children were holding oranges with candles stuck in them!

  • sharpay whomever she is, seems to have an abnormally large head. At least it was only the doll that was missing her clothes, im pretty sure if I took my little girl it would her who was sans clothes before the mass was over.

  • Val

    lol so funny.

  • You might be excommunicated for that…

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