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There’s something about goodbyes that makes you realise life is short, time is precious and nothing lasts forever.

As IJ skipped into school today armed with goodbye presents for her teachers and classmates, as she spends her very last day there, it suddenly hit me that despite the promises to keep in touch and the exchange of addresses and phone numbers, goodbyes are utterly horrible.

I feel for her today. She’s happy and excited to be the centre of attention for a day as her friends fuss over her with cards and gifts. I wonder when the finality of it all will hit her. When the excitement has passed and those final goodbyes are said, I expect. When the hugs from friends are over and she walks out of the school gates one last time.

So I’m having my little wobble now, so that when she comes home tonight and she needs me, I’m there for her and not an emotional wreck.

It’s the end of one chapter and the start of a new even more exciting one for both us. But just for today I’m allowing myself to feel sad and reflect on what we are leaving behind.

I’m also clinging on to the fact the people come into your life and out again, and those that matter live on in our memories forever. I’m hoping that will be a comfort to IJ too. Today will not be the easiest of days.

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  • Good luck with everything. Goodbyes are hard but helloes are exciting. xxxx

    • RosieS

      That’s very true. Thank you. x

  • Where you off to lovely?

    • RosieS

      Moving to Surrey, Chrissie.

  • Oh bless you both, been thinking of you lots…you know where I am xxx

    • RosieS

      Thanks Chris. You’re an angel. xxx

  • Louise

    Hope all goes well. Your are right friends come and go. Sometimes it’s better to be the one moving to new and exciting things as things will change anyway. X

    • RosieS

      Very true Louise. Hadn’t thought of it like that before. x

  • It’s going to be a difficult time and I’m sure there will be tears on both sides , but you have each other and it a GOOD change and there’s a lot to look forward to. Good luck xx

    • RosieS

      Thanks Jean. You’re right, it’s a good change and we’ll be supporting each other through it all. There is definitely lots to look forward to. xx

  • Sounds like a big move. Good luck with it.

    • RosieS

      Definitely a big move Jax. We’re almost ready!

  • nyssapod

    Hope everything goes well for you and IJ.

    We’re moving too. My son is only 4, but he’s already saying that he is sad that he won’t see his friends again. Hopefully the fact that we will be closer to family, including much-loved cousins, will be some consolation.

    • RosieS

      We will be closer to some of our family and much-loved cousins too nyssapod. It definitely makes the move so much easier. Wishing you all the best with your move too. My niece moved recently aged four and has adapted really quickly to life in her new home with new friends.

  • Good luck Rosie! I moved countries at that age and we didn’t have Facebook etc to keep in touch. Believe me, kids are probably even more resilient than adults are. Consider it a lesson in life that you’re giving her – nothing stays the same especially if you want to make a difference. I’m sure she’s very proud of her mother! Hugs from Tel Aviv, Joanna

    • RosieS

      Awww Joanna, so fabulous to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, kids are surprisingly resilient and this is a move on to bigger and better things for us. My excitement is certainly rubbing off. I’m certain we’ll be fine after the transition period. She is proud. We must come to Israel soon!

  • Two years ago a little girl left the 8 year old’s school. We never saw her again but the 8 year old still speaks of her regularly and fondly.

    And just today the 7 year old says goodbye to one his best friends, in his class – they’re moving quite a way away and it’s unlikely we’ll see them again. I’m hoping the 7 year old will speak of their escapades for years to come.

    It will be an emotional day but you are moving on to bigger better and more exciting things. Enjoy it and good luck to you and IJ xxx

    • RosieS

      Thanks Laura. I think I was more emotional in the end than IJ but I’m hoping her friends remember her with fondness and speak of her in years to come, just as they do with the friend who left your 8YO’s school.

      Hope your 7YO copes with his friend moving away too. It’s never easy is it. I suppose it reflects life that things change and people move on. Still sad though.


  • I was gutted for my son that none of his friends from nursery was going to be going to the school we chose. He occasionally sees two other children from nursery, but the rest he has almost forgotten!

    Much harder at that age though. I hope it’s not too traumatic for either of you. As they say, one door closes, another opens.

    • RosieS

      It’s tough as a parent isn’t it? I’ve just welled up at the thought of your son moving without his nursery friends. We just want them happy and surrounded by people who care for them don’t we.

      I think at this age the Internet and mobile phones will make it easier for IJ to keep in touch, although I’m already slightly concerned about my phone bill! Yes, as one door closes … So true.

  • It’s not easy.

    Does it help to think of it as a weeding out process? Friends who you and she really truly want to keep up with, you will (if they make the effort too, and if they don’t, well, maybe that tells you something about the friendship). If people drop by the wayside, then I try to think of them as friends for an era, and not friends for life. Both kinds are good and necessary. Moving helps you find out who is in which category.

    That sounds so cold and calculating, and I don’t mean it to. It’s just that I’ve been surprised by whose friendship has lasted down the years – and we’ve moved around quite a bit as a family.

    When we left America, a good friend said “this is just the beginning”, which I thought was an odd thing to say. But sure enough, she and her family are coming over to visit this July.

    Lots of hugs and treats for IJ, would be my prescription.

    • RosieS

      I know exactly what you mean Iota and it’s reassuring to know that the friends you really want to stay in your life will be there is that’s what they want too, and they are the ones worth having. I found that when we moved to the Midlands seven years ago.

      This is just the beginning for us too. There have been lots of hugs and treats, and the morning after the night before, all is well.

  • Good luck to both of you, saying goodbye is never easy and if I am being honest I would rather run quickly than saying a last good bye so I totally understand where you are right now. Hugs to you both xx

    • RosieS

      I am exactly the same Peggy. I was supposed to say goodbye to someone yesterday but ended up saying see you soon, and she did the same, because goodbye was just too hard. Onwards and upwards. xx

  • Best of luck with the goodbyes, the move, and the new beginnings Rosie. I will be going through this myself in just a few weeks’ time, and I am already wondering who’s going to take it harder, the boys or me…..

  • JoBo

    Lots of luck. E and M send IJ hugs. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

  • I hope it all went well! Dxx

  • So how did the first day of school go?? How are you doing? Lx

  • We’re going to be facing all this in a few months. I need a follow on post! Hope you are both ok. Many hugs. xx

  • Good luck lovely, am sure it has all gone fine x x x

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