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Having a moment with Harry Styles

in Growing-up, Life, Motherhood

Something seems to have changed in our house and I’ve only just realised it.

In fact I can pinpoint it down to an exact moment this realisation hit home: 2.13 this afternoon wandering down the children’s book section of W H Smith.

It’s not the usual sort of place where anything of significance usually occurs. At least not in my experience.

But today was different.

I was out shopping for IJ’s ten birthday when I spotted the most gorgeous Hello Kitty Holiday Sticker Book.

It was very cute with lots of bright colours on the cover and I knew she would have loved it. Six months ago.

But now? Well she’d still like it, but as I found my hand putting it down and picking up the book next to it I knew I’d found her perfect present.

Harry Styles and crew

As I flicked thorough the pages of the One Direction Activity & Sticker Book (it’s always best to assess the contents of these things) I suddenly hit me that my daughter has grown up. I hadn’t quite accepted it before.

So I headed to the checkout, One Direction book in hand, feeling slightly subdued at the end of an era. Then I noticed this chap, and decided that next year she’d be deeply embarrassed if her friends saw him in her bedroom.

I Love You teddy

But this year, I can still get away with it, so I headed home with Harry Styles and friends under one arm and a big cuddly teddy under the other, which just about sums up where IJ is right now as she approaches the big 10.

Of course I’m secretly hoping she’ll like the teddy bear more, for another year at least.

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  • She’ll be wanting to see them in concert before you know it!

  • jfb57

    Well done for recognizing the moment. Too often we plow on thinking they are still 6!

    • RosieS

      So true Julia. I’ve possibly done that for a while!

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