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I get the sense this blog is trying to tell me something. When I logged in this morning it felt as if it was shouting at me. It was full of comments waiting for approval – all highlighted in an angry shade of red.

But it wasn’t just that.

The majority of the comments were telling me where I could buy cheap cosmetics online and the best place to find Louis Vuitton bags. The message was clear. Firstly, I need to update my spam catcher plugin, and secondly, I need to stop neglecting this blog.

Either that or I need to improve my beauty routine and buy a new handbag …

The blogging absence hasn’t been deliberate. It just ends up slipping to the bottom of the priority list when life is so busy, as it has been. Thank goodness for schools, teachers and that sense of routine that returns with the new school year. Work while parenting in the school holidays with no childcare is a guilt-ridden hell.

But that was then.

Now, it’s a new school year and a new chapter, which is what I love about September. It’s a time to start new exciting projects. A time to look back and reflect about what went before, plan for the future and take next steps. I actually prefer it to the New Year, which just doesn’t have the same sense of the newness about it for me – more a sense of nervousness about the unknown and what might be.

So with the busyness of summer behind and with it the need to stop juggling far too many things, I’ve got my weekends back and a little more time on my hands, to blog, to relax and to clear my head.

The result is a new excitement about life again and a desire to start blogging about it all. Or at least some of it. This is the internet after all …

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  • Welcome back. Look forward to reading your posts soon hugs x

  • Chris @thinlyspread

    I feel the same way about September, it’s a new year, new notebook feeling full of promise. Very glad to see you writing here again xxx

  • You may have given me the kick start I need Rosie. My summer was full on getting both the blogs up & ready & I was VERY focused. Went away for a week & seem to have lost it all 🙁
    Definitely need to get back to it. Good to see you back too! xx

  • Good to have you back. I love that new notebook feeling, hadn’t really thought of September that way before.

  • welcome back! Good to hear from you….

  • Well, this is rather timely. I’ve just tagged you for an award for Old Bloggers (those who’ve been blogging since 2010). Over at mine.

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