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How to embed a Google+ post in WordPress

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This post is largely for my own benefit. I’m testing out a new Google+ feature that allows you to embed publicly shared posts on a blog or website.

Here’s what you do.

On Google+ navigate to the post you want to embed. This can be any post that’s been shared publicly, not just your own. I’ve chosen this post from Google UK’s page.

Hover your cursor over the top right corner of the post to reveal a downward arrow.

Google plus screenshot

Click on the arrow to open the drop down menu. Select ’embed post’.

Google plus post

Grab the code and insert it into the ‘text editor’ section of your WordPress post.

Google plus embed code

The result is a Google+ post embedded on your WordPress blog:

Readers can now interact with the embedded Google+ post without navigating away from your website.

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  • Oh I like this. I’m going to use it to embed #autoawesome pics into the posts because I can’t work out how to do it any other way!

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