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I will not be winning Mother of the Year

in Motherhood

It is becoming increasingly obvious that I am not Mother of the Year material, which is a shame because I wanted to wear a jewelled tiara and give an acceptance speech about world peace, or am I thinking of another competition altogether?

Anyway, following two recent foodie conversations with IJ, aged 6, I am starting to feel a tad inadequate in the parenting department.

Firstly, when telling me about her day at school which included someone falling off a chair during their apple and milk break, she suddenly interrupted with the line:

"Do you know what an apple is, Mummy?"

Which left me quite taken aback.


Then later we had the following conversation:

IJ: "Do you remember you told me bread turns green when it gets really really really old?"

Me: "Yes, it's called mould."

IJ: "Well I put some in the front of my school bag to see what happened."

Me: "Oh. And did it go green?"

IJ: "Yes. And a little bit smelly."

Me: "So where is this bread now?"

IJ: "It's still in my school bag."

What the … ?!

I've looked and she is right. In the front of her school bag is a green mass that is quite indescribable. Words such as rank, disgusting and rotten come to mind, and for some reason the mould has attached itself to a ball of blu-tac, at least I think that it what it is.

You see.

Not Mother of the Year.

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  • Yes you are! You are only encouraging the … *thinks hard* … scientific curiosity of your daughter. Well done!

  • Not Mother of the Year?? If that’s true I’m glad to hear it, means I’m in good company! If you are, and I will believe Metropolitan Mum, she probably knows you better than me, then I have something to aspire to! Now where did my son leave his school bag….

  • If it’s any consolation I was asked by Daisy’s playschool teacher if perhaps I had some of the other children’s aprons from school.. Don’t think so, I replied. Upon inspection of the school bag however when I went home, i found four. They’d been there a week. which proved two things to the teacher. I didn’t wash Daisy’s apron, and I didn’t look in her bag. Who wants to be Mother of the Year anyway?

  • i think it’s great that she was interested enough to see what would happen that she conducted her own experiment. Most kids wouldn’t have even cared.

  • Actually I’m really impressed with IJ’s curiosity, she shows real promise for experiments and research when she’s older. Anyway, at least you’re not ‘the most rubbish mum in the world’ cos that’s me. I know because my darling teenager told me so. I’m quite proud of my title actually 🙂

  • geekymummy

    I’m impressed with her curious mind. I’m sure you are mother fo the year in her book!

  • Clearly you should still be in running for this award… you were just encouraging your daughter to indulge in her own scientific experiment! Polish that tiara girl! x

  • Chic Mama

    Mmmmm, lovely…
    I hope you had a great weekend.
    I’m always feeding mine mouldy bread….I just pick off the green bits but sometimes I forget. ;0/

  • jay

    Whilst reading your post, my 7 mo fell into the toy box, smashing his face on the side. I was thinking about your mould, and how also, I could be Mother of the Year. I may have just lost that title to you.
    And also? Last I heard, it wasn’t a jewelled tiara, in fact you get a sack of gold coloured apples. Which look like oranges. ;o)

  • Snort, I have seen the evidence. Snort. But you are a fabulous Mummy. Sighhhhh. No need to thank me for all my support and advice. It’s good to pass on the knowledge. ;D

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