Our new website launches this coming Monday. With this new website we are able to offer some services we haven’t been able to do before!

– On Site Package Tracking: If you have paid for a shipping option which includes tracking, you will be able to track your order live on our site without the need to go to a third party website.

– Gift Cards: Whilst this won’t be available initially, in the run up to Christmas, we are intending to offer gift cards which can be used on our website.

– Catalog: As with the current website you can view all of our liquids at once, but we have also categorised our liquids into flavour profiles. You can browse by tastes such as Desserts or Tobaccos etc.

– Blog: Beta users already know about our blog, with our manager Marc posting information and updates about the site. You can expect Rebecca and Marc to post on the blog from time to time (if they stop vaping that is!). Think of the Diary from the old days of the website. We also intend to have a bit more customer interaction via the blog, more information on that at a later date.

– Stockists Page: No one likes long lists (apart from this one you’re reading now perhaps?). Our stockist list on the current website is somewhat of an essay. Our new website has all of our stockists listed on an easily navigable custom Google Map.

– Buying a cbd pods: Say goodbye to 8 + 15 = 23 and all that weird drop-down maths marlarkey we have currently. Click your size, click your strength, done. 100ml Bottles are now listed alongside their 15ml and 50ml counterparts.

– Mobile Device Compatibility: Mention the words “mobile website” in the Mrs Lord office, and you’re likely to get lynched. We have had countless problems with the current website in relation to mobile devices, with some working and some not. With our new website, mobile navigation is a breeze, and won’t cause you to have an aneurism!

– AND FINALLY: Not entirely website related but we have something special coming up in mid-November which we are really excited to talk about. We currently can’t say much right now, but trust us, it will put a smile on your face as it did with ours!

In general we have made the new website an easier process to navigate and buy from, and we hope visiting is a pleasant experience.

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