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Nine year old causes snow chaos

in Parenting, Work From Home

Snowy gloves

I made a passing comment a few days ago, and now I’m paying the price. In fact, I think we all are.

The snow blizzards large parts of the UK have been experiencing? Possibly the fault of one nine-year-old child.

You see, last week I told IJ we would spend time together after school.

In my head this meant I’d complete my day working from home around 6pm, then we’d play a few games together or watch a short film before bed.

In her head this meant she’d arrive home from school at 4pm, there would be games laid out ready and waiting, and we’d play until we were both too tired to roll a dice or utter the words ‘bad loser.’

Except our quality time together didn’t happen. I’d promised something I couldn’t deliver, and failed to properly explain that working from home means I actually have to work.

So IJ gave me a severe telling off.  And quite right too.

But then she did go on to reassure me that everything would be okay. She was no longer cross with me because she had made a wish.

If the wish came true we’d be able to spend lots and lots of time together playing games.

The wish? That there’d be so much snow we wouldn’t be able stray further than our own back garden and we’d be stuck in the house for hours and hours and hours.

Cue a massive downfall of snow across the country, school closures, traffic chaos and hazardous driving conditions.

And here we are. We’ve been stuck inside playing games for most of the weekend, only venturing outside in the evenings when cabin fever kicked in.

Playing outside in the snow

The upside is that we’ve made up for that lost mother-daughter time, so it’s not all bad.

To everyone who has been affected by the snow chaos over the past few days, I can only apologise.

Snow jacket

Many thanks to MandMDirect who supplied IJ with this fabulous snow jacket.

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