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No Diet Day

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Our Christmas has been great – exhausting, expensive, but still great. It was fabulous to see IJ’s excitement on Christmas Day when she discovered Santa had visited, and realised she *had* been a good girl all year – she thanked him in a rather prayer-like manner which was just a little disturbing.

Spending time with family members we don’t see that often has been the definite highlight which included building a snowman in granny’s back garden using a frozen chip for a nose.


Granny looked at us blankly when we asked her if she had a fresh carrot. (Clearly this is whyIJ recently asked me recently if i knew what an apple was), but granny did produce some Brussel sprouts for eyes. Again, a little unusual.


So we have survived Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and today, in our house, it is No Diet Day. That may not make a lot of sense to some people, but to others it will.

As Metropolitan Mum said in her recent Malnourished Monday post, Christmas is a time for sharing food and enjoying time together.  Aspiring to be a size zero, particularly at this time of year, brings only misery:

I am feeling sorry for all the actual and aspiring size zeros, who
cannot tuck into the turkey and lick the gravy from their lips, without
the guilt-ridden and all-consuming thoughts of how to get rid of all
the extra calories.

Being a size zero (and thus anorectic per medical definition, if you
don’t happen to be a 7-year-old) doesn’t only mean to miss out on all
the great food, but also missing out on the great joy that goes
together with sharing a meal.

This year for the first time since recovering from being a Skinny Mummy, I have tucked in and enjoying eating and drinking with my family, and it has been a social occasion rather than a chore to be endured, and it has been wonderful.

So today I will push any thoughts of guilt from my mind and not concern myself that my clothes feel a little tighter and wonder if my face is a little more bloated. I doubt it is, it is all in my head. And I will remember that punishing myself for enjoying food just is not worth it; skinny does not taste good.

Today, I will savour those happy family memories and remember it is No Diet Day.

Just as tomorrow will be No Diet Day too.

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  • Chic Mama

    yay!! Good for you. Pleased you had a lovely couple of days with your family. X

  • Sounds like a great plan and a wonderful example for your kids. Unhealthy skinny is not a good look and the stress it must cause trying to achieve and then keep it must be horrendous.

  • Aly

    Yep, totally agree.I had an eating disorer as a child.I’m now a healthy size 14 and I have no idea how much I weigh and I have no interest in knowing.As a mother of 3 kids, two of which are girls I hope I have giventhem a positve image of curvy women.

  • I’m a LARGE size 16 and my husband hasn’t gained more than a stone in the past 20 years. We’re all different. It doesn’t take the edge off our enjoyment of each other and I keep reminding myself of that when the urge to criticise my weight starts lurking in the recesses of my mind. So here’s to a ‘no diet’ life of healthy eating.

  • I like no diet day! The road to recovery is a very long one. I remember those days when, for the first time, I was able to enjoy food again without feeling guilty. You are right, it is ALL in your head. I am today about 20 pounds heavier than during my skinny days. With the difference that I felt fat back then. And feel skinny today.
    Sending you a big Christmassy hug! Thanks for picking up the topic again and including the link.
    xx MM
    PS: Very cute pics of the girls and the chippy snowman 🙂

  • I so agree with you, you are doing really well, food is a great focus for family celebrations and just look at the snowman, he would have been blind and noseless with out good old food.
    Anyway on a more serious note, I am glad that you enjoyed Christmas and heres to a great 2010

  • I’m having a no diet month. it’s christmas (although now I’ll have to say ‘Its new year!’ as my excuse for digging in to all the left over cakes! Hooray! Next year is another year…

  • No Diet Day. LOVE IT xxx

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