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Nothing to see here

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In front of me I have a long list of quite tedious jobs to do before life suddenly gets quite hectic in about a week’s time.

It’s not the most interesting of lists and includes long-forgotten tasks like dusting behind the television and de-cluttering the kitchen drawers.

So I’ve got a thrilling week ahead, as you can tell.

And while all this is going on IJ has decided to take up the violin, so I have THAT to look forward to every evening.

Pity me, please.

But at least now I can tick the annoying ‘technorati claim code’ off my list.

It’s here: DVFTJ5R4F3R6

Let’s pretend it isn’t. It doesn’t make for the most exciting of posts, really. Let’s be honest about it.

But it’s done now. One less task to complete.

Let’s hope future posts are a little more interesting, for all our sakes.

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  • I’d forgotten about technorati – I must go and see if I’m still on it. I can’t believe I clicked on a link saying: nothing to see here.

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