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A rare fashion post

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Polo sweater

Ask this particular nine year old to run around in the garden and enjoy the fresh air and she’ll stand there looking at you blankly.

Yet ask this particular nine year old to stand still and pose for the camera in her new clothes, and she’ll immediately start climbing on fences and running around the garden.

Red polo sweater

Clearly a little reverse psychology was needed here.

IJ has been trying out two items from the Polarn O. Pyret clothing range. It’s pronounced ‘Pole Arn Oh Pier Et’ in case you were wondering.

They are a Swedish childrenswear company with branches across the UK and Ireland plus commissions in selected House of Fraser Stores. They also have a retail partnership with John Lewis, according to the leaflet that accompanied the clothes.

A click through their website reveals a gorgeous range of mid-to-upmarket clothing with a strong emphasis on colour, style and practicality for children up to the age of 12.

White t-shirt

IJ has been wearing the Finsta flower t-shirt and red polo sweater. Both are of very high quality, wash well, have soft seams and IJ found them very comfortable to wear.

The t-shirt’s cotton is thick yet soft and perfect for autumn, although IJ prefers a more fitted style. She isn’t keen on the design and isn’t a fan of mainly white t-shirts, so it wasn’t a huge hit although I really like it.

kids t-shirt

The polo sweater, however, was a lot more successful even if the sleeves were a little long and needed to be turned over. It fits ages 8 – 10 so was a little large for a petite nine year old although we wouldn’t have opted for a different size despite that.

IJ is fussy about jumpers and doesn’t like anything that restricts her movement or feels rough on her skin, but she had no problems with this sweater at all and has got a lot of wear out of it.

Polarn O. Pyret is not a company I’d heard of before but I’d certain consider ordering from them in the future. Although their clothes are a little more expensive than those I normally buy for IJ, their quality means they are likely to last a lot longer, which would actually make them better value for money in the long run.

We received the Finsta flower t-shirt (from £16) and red polo sweater (from £25) free of charge for the purpose of this review. Visit the Polarn O. Pyret website for their full range.

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  • I love Polarn O Pyret – they have cool graphics, the quality is so good, colours don’t fade and they still look new on the second child! I love that jumper 🙂

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