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The blog posts I didn’t write

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Usually at this time of year I’d write a round-up of my favourite blog posts of the past year. It would be a way of looking back over the year’s blog content and reminiscing a little at the things we’d done and the journeys we’d had.

But this year a full time job, a three-hour daily commute, my own business and a 12-year-old child (not in any order of importance) has meant that lots of exciting things have happened this year, there just hasn’t been the luxury of time to write about them.

I must try harder in 2016 even if it means throwing together a post on a train, a little like I’m doing now. (Note: I’m not on a train, I’m just throwing this post together.)

So instead I’m reflecting on the posts I could have written but didn’t, because it’s been another happy, crazy unpredictable year. Let’s just assume I did write them. Here are a few highlights:

The obligatory Christmas post where we enjoyed a blissful few days relaxing with family, and for the first time in years we could spend it at home rather than travelling back to the north (as my parents live near us now). No travelling across the country, battling with suitcases on a packed (and probably delayed) train meant it was perfect.

Our trip to the X Factor Live Final at Wembley Arena, which was one of the best nights we’ve ever had. IJ loved seeing Reggie and Boolie as she’s a huge fan. Showing my age, I was more wowed by Rod Stewart, although Little Mix were exceptional and Louisa Johnson was without doubt the deserving winner. Seeing all the work that goes into a live production was fascinating, particularly the fact that the crew were building the set in the ad breaks!

The blog about my new job at an edtech company in London, which I enjoy so much I actually don’t mind the commute. Despite thinking my years of sitting on early morning commuter trains were over, I realised I’m still drawn to the bright lights of London and couldn’t be happier.

All the blog posts about observations I’ve made during my daily travels – particularly the morning I sat next to a photographer who spent the entire journey photoshopping three beautiful, slim models to make them look even slimmer and even more perfect. There was so much I could have written. Perhaps I’ll return to that one.

The blog post about launching my monthly subscription box service, which was a definite highlight of the year and has kept me busy doing something I love, despite not having many hours in the week to do it. I love having something that is mine that I can grow and develop as I wish, and that in it’s own little way gives back to others too.

Then there were all the blog posts about our days out, mostly to London where we love staying overnight in hotels that are really too expensive for us. The usual blog posts I write reflecting on life a little, the occasional rant about some injustice I’ve allowed to get under my skin and the blogs about blogging, because I often fill this blog with them too.

And not forgetting all the posts I wrote about IJ, now twelve and totally awesome in my unbiased opinion. She’s majorly into YouTube at the moment, both watching and creating videos. The highlight of her year (after the X Factor) was seen all her YouTube stars at the premier of Joe and Casper Hit The Road.

We didn’t have tickets the the premiere. We just accidentally wandered into it and were then allowed right up to the front where the stars were all being interviewed. That would have been another great post if the extra hour I’d like in my day had ever materialised.

So that’s about it. A whole year summed up in five minutes. All that’s left to say is Happy New Year. See you on the other side!

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  • Happy new year Rosie – a perfect blog post, summing up an eventful year. And all done very tidily and succinctly too!

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