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Flower vase craft

I attended a course recently at the School of Life on the subject of creativity.  One point raised by someone (okay it was me) was that they are often put off having a go at things because they want it to be perfect. If it’s not they feel they’ve failed and abandon the thought of ever trying again.

In response, the point was made that there is a lot to be said from enjoying the actual process of being creative – enjoying the journey rather than focusing purely the end goal.

So whilst we might never be the next J K Rowling or Andy Murray, that shouldn’t put us off the process of writing a children’s book or playing tennis. And no one knows how many times they stumbled and fell on their way to the top, but it’s likely to be many.

Wise words for those of us who set high standards for ourselves.

What did I also take from the course? Creativity can be improved by changing our daily routine, so we take in new sights and surroundings rather than doing the same thing each day on autopilot.

Surrounding ourselves with positive energised people who work with us on our ideas rather than shooting them down, is always a good thing. As is getting enough sleep, finding the time of day we work best, keeping an ideas book and taking time to switch off and do absolutely nothing.

There’s a huge amount to be gained from day dreaming and allowing your mind to wander, rather than having it permanently engaged with a computer or smartphone. Easier said than done, I say, and not something to consider until you’ve reached the end of this post.

So after that preamble I can now explain that when Netmums asked me to take part in their first ever summer craft hangout, knowing I don’t craft and was unlikely to produce anything that half resembled a work of art, I said YES!

Here’s the result.

Now you’ve reached this point you can switch everything off and get creative!

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  • Crafting is good for the soul! Your finished result was so lovely though, I’m not sure I believe you’ve never done it before!

    • RosieS

      Thank you Liz. What you didn’t notice was that I was holding the back together because the sellotape didn’t hold the glitter card together very well. Let’s keep that between ourselves. No one need know 🙂

  • Suz xx

    This is brilliant! How posh do you sound sis?! 🙂 But just to confirm, I would rather not have a handmade gift for my birthday! Love the fact you can see people clapping, great stuff!! xxx

    • RosieS

      One is well posh Suz. You’ve just reminded me it’s your birthday in September. I have the perfect present!

      • Suz xx

        Is it what you phoned me about earlier?! You are too kind sis, the best infact 🙂 xxx

        • RosieS

          It would have been that until you told me to sell it. So now you’re getting the glitter vase. 🙂

  • brilliant having your company Rosie – glad you’ve been inspired! Go on, you know Suz doesn’t mean that, she REALLY does want a handmade gift for her birthday 🙂 x

    • RosieS

      It was great to be involved in the hangout Ali, and yes, Suz will be getting a lovely handmade gift for her birthday now 🙂 x

      • Suz xx

        Trust me Ali, Rosie excelled herself in this task. You should see her normal attempt at Art – that’s what I fear! 🙂 xxxx

  • I was never much into crafts with my girls when they were younger. The idea of messy play is my idea of hell I’m afraid. But despite my reluctance to craft, my 13 yo is actually very arty and creative so all is not lost 🙂

    • RosieS

      Jean, there’s a crafter inside you just waiting to get out. Set it free! Go on!

  • We loved having you Rosie, you were fab! Team Netmums x

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