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The one without the photos

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There are so many photos I want to share here about our recent family holiday to northern France: our trip to the American Cemetery and Memorial, the stunning sculpture on Omaha Beach, playing on the beach, dining in the sun, our slightly-too-small-for-five-adults-and-a-child Keycamp caravan (perhaps not that last one).

I spent the holiday snapping away and capturing it all on film (or the digital equivalent).  Annoyingly I didn’t take my camera out of the car after our journey home (blame an early morning ferry crossing) and it’s now residing with family back in the Midlands. I’m more than a little grumpy about that.

It also means this post is severely lacking in colour, apart from the image at the top which was taken on my phone as we arrived home to Portsmouth. Really a post about a family holiday to France should include pictures of France, but it’s the best I can do under the circumstances. Just as well this isn’t a review post.

It was a more educational holiday than I’d expected with northern France being the scene of the D-Day landings and all the history that goes with it. The numerous museums and memorials, all very well presented and maintained, contain a wealth of information and bring to life the stark realities of war, and life at that time.

On a lighter note I loved walking round the narrow French streets and spending time near the sea, which is always fascinating when you’ve spent most of your life living inland. I also became slightly addicted to crepes with Nutella and probably visited too many French bakeries during our stay.

The best thing about the holiday, apart from spending time with my ultra cute niece and nephew, exploring a new area, getting time to read and long lazy mornings, was having zero access to work emails and limited internet. It was nice to spend more time in the real world and less in the virtual world. I realised I’d missed it.

So after switching off for ten days and relaxing in the mostly sunny weather we’re now home and life returns to normal, which for the first time means juggling work and holiday clubs. IJ has been den building, learning to make fire, go carting and generally enjoying a holiday packed full of activities, which makes the fact that I’m not around so much a lot easier to cope with.

The downside of this slightly hectic lifestyle is of course that we haven’t bought any school uniform, IJ doesn’t have school shoes and we’re totally disorganized when it comes to back to school. That said, we were in exactly the same situation last year and I had absolutely no excuse then.

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  • Glad you had a lovely holiday. We have no school shoes either – ugh, going to get them tomorrow!

    • RosieS

      Thanks Sarah. We glanced into a few shoe shops but gave up because they were all packed! I’m now waiting until half term!

  • If it’s any consolation Tall Daughter has no school shoes or uniform either, and we don’t even know which day she goes back on. I’m glad you had a nice holiday though x

    • RosieS

      You mean I have to find out what day the schools re-open on as well???! x

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