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Jewellery that can help save lives

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Heart charm bracelet from Claire'sLast month while I should have been sipping Champagne at Portland Place, I was, instead, on a train drinking coffee on the East Coast Mainline somewhere between London and the Midlands.

The Champagne would have tasted far better but unfortunately the event to celebrate a new partnership between fashion retailer Claire’s and the children’s charity UNICEF, fell at a time when I was doing my twice weekly commute from part of the country to the other.

To ease the disappointment the team at Claire’s very kindly sent IJ a gorgeous heart charm bracelet from the exclusive range of products that are now available in all their stores across Europe. For every purchase made £1 will be donated to UNICEF.

Claire's bracelet

This bracelet is part of a range of six bespoke jewellery items, which will help raise money for UNICEF as part of their ‘Little things can make a big difference’ partnership. The partnership focuses on giving children the best start in life, whether it’s through access to education or basic life-saving care.

This bracelet is priced at £5. The quality is so good I would have expected it to cost more. And IJ loves it. It’s a great Christmas gift if you are thinking of doing any last minute festive shopping.

Bracelet from Claire and UNICEF

Customers can also make a donation to UNICEF at the till every time they make a purchase at Claire’s. There’s also the option to add a donation of £2 to every gift card purchased, which will then be passed on to UNICEF.

I think it’s a fabulous idea and a great way of raising essential funds for UNICEF’s can vital work saving children’s lives. The partnership has already raised £100,000 through a Back to School campaign earlier in the year. Let’s hope this campaign more than matches that success and helps those for whom Christmas isn’t a time of presents and excesses, to get the best start in life they can.

We received the bracelet from Claire’s free of charge. We’ve donated the cost of the bracelet to UNICEF.

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