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When people blast out music on a Saturday morning

in Growing-up, Music

This morning at the far too early hour of eight o’clock I heard a car blasting out the sort of music that makes you feel old as you don’t recognise it or understand its appeal.

It’s this song, as it turns out. Please don’t feel obliged up hit play.

Ridiculous I thought that the driver should be so inconsiderate as to wind his windows down and fill the air with noise so early on a Saturday morning, with clearly no consideration for anyone else.

‘Idiot’ was one of the politer words than ran through my head as my morning coffee was interrupted.

What is it with people?

I assumed the culprit was some young lad who had just passed his driving test, out driving his new car while the roads were still relatively quiet.

I now need to apologise to young men in cars everywhere. It wasn’t a young lad. It was my nine-year-old daughter blasting out music in her bedroom for the very first time.

She doesn’t have a CD player or an ipod, or any music-playing device, so it didn’t make any sense. It turns out all you need is an internet connection and YouTube. How times have changed.

So for the very first time I found myself shouting the words: Turn the music down!

And so it begins …

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  • Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh…but I am. I feel your pain 🙂

    • RosieS

      I’m sending her up to yours every weekend 🙂

  • LOL – I look forward to it – not.

    • RosieS

      Ha! Your time will come Midlife Singlemum!

  • LOL! I think you’ve been getting away with it for far too long. It’s all I say to the 8yo whenever he’s home – and that’s not just on Saturdays….

    • RosieS

      Oh blimey. So actually I’ve been quite lucky that this is only starting now. Eek!

  • Oh yeah. My 13 yr old now asks ‘do you like xxxx mum?’ and I’m like, “Who the beJesus is that?”
    Or even worse…he was humming ‘Careless Whisper’ last week and I had to ask him if he knew how old it was!!! Ah, memories…

    • RosieS

      Oh Helen! Every day they do make us feel older and older don’t they. My daughter was blasting out Michael Jackson the other day – all songs I remember the first time they were famous!

  • zora read

    I had to smile, been there done that, sorry to inform you that heated discussions don’t go away they just change subject. Good Luck!

    • RosieS

      Oh no Zora! Already I know that you are right. I’m not sure what the next few years are going to be like. Maybe I shouldn’t complain that it’s only music we are disagreeing on!

  • When they do it, it’s bad. It doesn’t get better. But sometimes, I feel the need to pump up the volume…..and then, it’s fine !!

    • RosieS

      That’s given me an idea. If I start blasting my music out she might think it’s suddenly very uncool and put her headphones on. Result! Thank you. 🙂

  • Your daughter has excellent taste Rosie… ! 🙂

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