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Where I become the apostrophe police

in Apostrophe police

So alarmed was I to discover the local council had misplaced the apostrophe in the word children’s on their website, that I had to take a photo of the computer screen. As only a blogger, or someone a little odd, would do.

misplaced apostrophe

I know. I should get a life.

We were actually in the children’s section of the library at the time, believe it or not. Thankfully no one noticed and I wasn’t thrown out for acting suspiciously, which would have been awkward.

There really is more to worry about in life than a misplaced apostrophe but it does make my blood boil at times, particularly if it’s promoting children’s literacy and the error can be found on a library website.

I can already hear a little voice in my head saying: don’t sweat the small stuff.

But still. I can’t help myself.

I feel a series of blog posts coming on.

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  • I would have been tempted to draw an apostrophe on the screen – but that would be have been a bit excessive, perhaps…

    • RosieS

      It was tempting. Instead I grabbed my camera!

  • I’m afraid I’m exactly the same. I even sneak into the staffroom and change the apostrophes written incorrectly by the Headteacher (yes, really) on the weekly activities written on the whiteboard e.g. parent’s evening (are we only inviting one parent then?). I can’t help myself.

    • RosieS

      Urgh! There’s nothing worse than seeing mistakes on a school noticeboard. Or in newsletters sent home. Thankfully I can say it rarely happens at my daughter’s school just in case any of the teachers are reading this.

  • Tom

    I’d have done the same. In fact, I’ve actually been caught rubbing out rogue apostrophes on blackboards outside pubs. Keep fighting the good fight!

    • RosieS

      Oh the ones outside pubs are the worse Tom. And they are impossible to ignore. I feel I’m on a mission now. Expect more posts!

  • Be strong and never give up. This is the slippery slope to sloppy writing!

    • RosieS

      I feel I’ve taken on a HUGE task!

  • At the school where I’m a governor we sent some info to a local magazine and had to argue with them about the apostrophe in a word. We were right…of course!

    • RosieS

      Oh no. It’s awful when it’s in print! Even worse. I recently saw an advertisement for a school that talked about its GCSE’s. It’s plural. There is no apostrophe. I muttered to myself.

  • I’ve just sent the council a link to this blog post….

    • RosieS

      Oh I’ll be off their Christmas list now!

  • There are many places where you’ll notice a typo or spelling mistake and let it go (my blog for one), and others where it is simply unacceptable—a library!

    I have a client who is a sign writer and their website is littered with spelling mistakes, I have flagged them up but they’ve done nowt about them. What can you do….

    • RosieS

      You’re right. It’s the sort of thing you just have to let wash over you in certain places, but in a library!! And such a shame your sign writer client didn’t listen. You could have saved him/her a fortune in lost business.

  • No, never give up. Misplaced apostrophes are not small stuff. Not at all.

    • RosieS

      Oh I knew you’re say exactly that Ellen. Hear, hear!

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