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Worry dolls

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Worry dolls

IJ has been worried about her worry dolls, which is a worry.

She is prone to anxiety but it comes in waves, so most of the time she is absolutely fine. For the times when she’s not, we’re trying out Guatemala worry dolls.

I hadn’t heard of them before. In fact it was the blogging community that recommended them when I previously blogged about the fact that IJ is a sensitive child and will worry about anything and everything, especially when she is overtired as she is at the moment.

But when the worry dolls first arrived, IJ was unsure about these slightly unusual looking people. So they ended up sitting in a cupboard for six months.

She stumbled across them again last night when she was wandering round her room unable to sleep. After dusting them off she decided she liked them.

The idea, based on an old legend told by the Indians high in the hills of Guatemala, is that you tell the dolls you’re worries and put them under your pillow. By morning they’ll have taken your worries away.

Except IJ spent a lot of time last night worrying that they would get squashed under her pillow, even though they are unsquashable. She did relax in the end though, and this morning she announced they had worked. So we’re making progress.

If you’ve got a child who worries I’d recommend trying the worry dolls. We’ve only used them for a night but so far so good. We found them on Amazon costing just a few pounds.

Do you have an anxious child? What works for you?

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  • Jen

    Well how funny, I bought these for my girls at Christmas and popped them in their stockings! Cute little gifts, a bit different and really useful, especially for the eldest. I found them under her pillow one night as she was going to bed and it gave us a good chance to talk about what was worrying her. 5 mins later she’d taken them out and put them away… a really good little tool for getting your kids to share their feelings….

  • The boys have these. When my mum died we also made dream catchers and they write down their worries now.

  • Rosie that might well be just what I need right now! Thank you, thank you! E is becoming more and more worried about new things happening in his life and that’s stopping him moving on on a few things. I might look into this later.

  • jfb57

    I have some. One of my colleagues gave them to me when I was having a particularly tough time in headship.

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