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Sun, sand and a note about sunscreen

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Athens beach

When you think of Greece you think of sunshine, at least I do, so here’s the obligatory beach post.

During my recent visit to Greece we spent a day at YaBanaki Beach. It’s a gorgeous long sandy beach extending along the coastal road leading from Varkiza to Sounion, a 30-minute drive from the centre of Athens, easily accessible by taxi, tram and bus.

Bar on YaBaNaki beach

Athens offers a range of public and private beaches. Yabanaki Beach is a private beach so you have to pay a charge to enter, but for that you get a clean, organised beach with a range of facilities, including restaurants, a bar, loungers, umbrellas and beach huts available to rent.

Beach huts

Notice the continued graffiti theme in ours.

Beach hut at YaBaNaki beach

I also spotted a children’s play area a short walk from the entrance, and by the water the reassuring sight of lifeguards keeping a watchful eye. Parents notice these things. The beach felt safe and family friendly and I’d be happy to take IJ there.

Loungers on Athens beach

For teenagers and adults more daring than me there are plenty of water sports to try out, including windsurfing, water skiing and banana boating.

Athens sea

The slides on these boats will appeal to children who aren’t quite ready to jump on a surfboard.

Boats with slides on YaBaNaki beach

Or you could just relax in the sun and enjoy the view, as I did.

Drinking on YaBanaki beach

And check out the bar food.

Food at YaBaNaki beach

From Yabanaki Beach you can explore the coastal resort of Varkiza and head into the nearby towns of Vari and Vouliagmeni. I’ve noted that down for a future visit.

I’d also like to take a one-day tour to the islands, although you don’t have to leave Athens to enjoy the beach, which I hadn’t really appreciated prior to my visit.  I’d associated Athens with archaeological sites, not gorgeous sandy beaches.

Earlier in our stay we’d met start-up company Incrediblue. The company connects travellers with trusted boat owners and travel experts so you can hire a boat and explore the area by sea. Definitely one to consider if you visit the coast and something else I’d like to try.

Boat at YaBaNaki beach

Finally, a cautionary note about sunscreen and note to self.

The sun, even at the end of May, is strong. Don’t do what I do and accidentally leave several areas of skin without sunscreen. Worth taking that little bit of extra time to ensure you’re fully covered and therefore protected.

A lesson learned in my case. I was lucky as only a small area was affected and it cleared up within a week. Not nice though, so take care out there and stay safe in the sun. It is all too easy to burn and to remain completely unaware that you are doing so. Slap on the sunscreen and reapply at regular intervals. It’s simply not worth the risk of not doing so.

Blogger Trotters 2014 logo

I travelled to Athens as part of the Blogtrotters tour organised by Marketing Greece  flying from Heathrow compliments of Aegean Airlines with accommodation kindly provided by Grecotel Pallas Athena.

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  • Well it looks like a lovely beach. I hadn’t thought of Athens as a beachy place either so thank you for writing about this. I wonder if it will still be hot enough for the beach in October – will have to do some research.

    • RosieS

      Thanks Gretta. Highs of 23 degrees in October (according to Google! I don’t know these things!!), so you could certainly take a trip down there. Your son might be interested in the water sports which I sure would be fine in those temperatures. I had no idea Athens had beaches either!!

  • Wow that looks lovely. Glad you had a great time x

    • RosieS

      It was gorgeous thanks Susan. Oh to be back lying on a beach … x

  • Great post and I agree with Gretta – it was so surprising to find a beach so close to the city – only 20 mins! Amazing. Thanks mum, for the suncream advice!! I should have taken it on the day – I too had blobs of sunburn! Lx

    • RosieS

      Dear Lucy,

      Always wear sunscreen and stay safe in the sun.

      Love Mum x

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